CTI is a nonprofit 501(c)3 educational foundation registered in New York State, USA. 


Our Story

In 1996, CTI’s founders helped launch the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking project for the Open Society Institute and the International Reading Association. The project began offering advanced teaching methods for critical thinking to teachers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and over time delivered extensive training (100+ hours) to more than 200,000 teachers in 44 countries on 5 continents. RWCT continues today, under the management of the RWCT International Consortium, based in Romania (see www.rwctic.net).

CTI’s associates are master teachers, teacher trainers, and researchers with backgrounds in literacy education, second language acquisition and applied linguistics, science education, educational technology, philosophy, writing and editing literature for children, assessment, and school management.  

Our associates include authors of influential textbooks for teacher education and textbooks for children in elementary and secondary schools. Some are published children’s book authors, who have helped local writers and illustrators in many countries produce dozens of titles of supplementary reading books.  

CTI’s associates have worked in East and West Africa, Central Asia, Central Europe, the Caucasus, Central and South America, and the Caribbean with support from the Open Society Institute, CODE of Canada, USAID, the World Bank, and UNESCO.